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 A Dope Membership Box

Thank you so much for visiting our shop featuring boxes filled with cannabis infused homemade treats and wellness goodies for your mind, body and soul.

Our boxes are filled with premium, high-quality products that are made right here in the USA.

Our boxes consist mainly of homemade infused treats and wellness products to help nurture your soul, well-being and get you were you need to be. From expert users to novice newbies, our Dope Membership Soul Essentials box is a great way to join our premium club and have the ability to explore products that can help naturally enhance your soul and handle the day. Available in 3 different custom packages, Bare Essentials, Mixed Essentials and Premium Essentials. Each box contains a sampler of 4-6 different premium products in various sizes depending on the box you choose.


We will send you a link with our custom form. Fill out our form that will help us better understand your likes, wants and interest and we will custom make your box. We will create your box to fit YOU! This includes, water solubles, topical creams, flower, pre-rolls, gummies, edibles, soaps, lotions and many more top-shelf products!

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