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Water Soluble Delta 8 THC (Nano)

This excellent blend of cannabinoids provides the body with euphoric loving reminders that all is well in the world. There is so much out of our control and frankly it does the body no good to hold that angst in. Release your jaw and drop your shoulders as you sip a warm cup of tea infused with a few drops of Dharma Delta 8.


Premium Delta-8 THC Dropper – 17.5 mg of Delta 8 THC per Serving


These tinctures are great for on the go, discreet use or just a quick and easy way to get your daily serving of Delta-8 THC. Take a dropperful of the contents and add to any drink or take it sublingually and you'll start feeling the effects with 10 - 30 minutes because of the use of the nanotechnology used to make this product more bioavailable to the body.


If 17.5 mg is too much for the moment, feel confident that you can just use the dropper to measure out .25mL, and you'll get half the effects.


Water soluble tinctures provide a great edible way to consume Delta-8 giving you a different set of effects from just inhaling smoke. These tincture effects get metabolized differently and with the extra boost of nanotechnology, you'll get a better value because less product will go to waste in your gut giving you a better "feeling" and quicker onset.


Contents for our tincture blends are made from legal hemp made in the USA. Our network of industrial hemp farms around the country are known for producing quality hemp extracts which are useful for manufacturing this potent product. The blended tincture of cannabinoids comes to you as a natural flavored tincture with two sizes to choose. Though, federally legal due passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, this product could be considered illegal in some States (see below).


Water Soluble Delta 8 Tincture Product Notes

We are proud to bring to market these Delta-8 Tinctures which are specially made with nanoed delta-8 THC for increasing the speed of effectiveness in the body as it gives you more use of the Delta-8 THC in the product!


You see, with other oil tinctures, those don't work very effectively in the body: they never solve the age-old problem of what happens when mixing water and oil? Though oil-based tincture variations are popular on the market today, they're not very effective in the body. The reason is simple: oil doesn't absorb well in the digestive tract as our bodies consist of mostly water and moisture.


Instead, with our water soluble hemp-based THC tinctures, you get a more effective delta-8 THC product that is more effective in the body due to it being: 1) water soluble (ie dissolvable in water), 2) nanoed.


With our hemp derived water soluble Delta-8 THC Tincture, the Delta-8 contents have been broken down molecularly into tiny nanoparticles which results in a droplet approximately 60 nanometers (nm). This is accomplished without harmful chemicals nor phosphates. Our ability to nano delta-8 THC is an unique capability only available from Dharma, with a provisional patent filed by our CEO in 2017.


Our Delta-8 THC tinctures are more bioavailable to the body, while other competing tinctures we found are wasted when you ingest due to the body's 'first-pass metabolism' not processing their contents until it reaches your intestines. We've found that a large portion of the delta-8 you think you're taking is actually broken up during digestion using competing products.


Dharma Delta Water Soluble - .5.fl. oz.

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